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Dr. Haber believes in providing excellent, gentle dentistry to his patients. With compassion and care, he puts his 20 years of experience to work for you. Experience makes a difference.

Dr. Haber has been an active member of organized dentistry at the American dental Association (ADA) and the California dental Association (CDA) and the West Los Angeles Dental Society. He has been a member of the Academy of General dentistry (AGD) and a member of the American Prosthodontist



 “Multi-Disciplinary” Approach


Aside from aesthetic dentist Dr. Haber, we also have right here in our building an Endodontist, an Oral Surgeon, a Periodontist an Orthodontist, (Invisible Braces) and a Dermatologist



When our patients need treatment from  these dental specialists, they never have to leave the building! Not only is it convenient to have all of your cosmetic dentistry procedures performed in our single Santa Monica, Los Angeles location, but a team approach to cosmetic dentistry means better communication between the doctors who treat you and, ultimately, better results. To learn more about how our “multi-disciplinary” approach to cosmetic dentistry can help you, please contact us in Santa Monica, Los Angeles today! Tel: (310) 393-7766



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Richard Haber DDS Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentist,

Santa Monica Family Dentist, 1260 15th St # 701 Santa Monica CA 90404 Tel: (310) 393-7766


Oral Surgeon

if you need an Oral surgeon, Dr. Haber provides dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and many other oral surgery procedures to the Los Angeles Beverly Hills and Santa Monica Area. oral surgeon surgery, dental implants Oral Surgeon

Dental Implant , The Best Implant Dentist in Santa Monica

Dr Haber uses a variety of dental implant technologies, and places a very special emphasis on full dental implant reconstructive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Endodontist, Root Canal Specialist

Dr Haber treats root canals, provide root canal retreatment and apicoectomy. root canal


Periodontist, Gum Specialist

Receding gum and gum infection require gum treatment and possible surgery  When a receding gum line is left untreated, periodontal disease and bone is lost. To stop gum recession , bone loss, and to prevent further dental problems, gum treatment, scaling and root planing, gingival graft, and osseous surgery may be required. gum bleaching, gummy smile treatment and gum grafting. santa monica periodontist , receding gum  , gum surgery

Pedodontist, Chidren Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry

Children can get tooth decay, caries, at a young age; caries on the primary and permanent teeth. But the good news are that dental caries are preventable. Your children must see the dentist twice a year.


Teeth Bleaching

Whiter teeth, dental bleaching, laser teeth whitening, teeth Whitening in Santa Monica - Get Whiter Teeth!...Dr. Haber can help you achieve whiter teeth and a better smile . Santa Monica teeth  bleaching , laser whitening

Invisalign, Santa Monica Orthodontist, Invisalign Dentist, Orthodontics, Invisible Braces, Straighten Teeth without Braces

Invisible  Clear Braces are used to straighten crowded and overlapped teeth, to close large gaps between the teeth, and to treat a cross bite, a malocclusion, and an open bite.


Santa Monica Dentist, Free New Patients Consultation, Free Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation, Santa Monica Free Orthodontic consultation Braces



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